Sigiriya Rock Fortress


Pollonnaruwa District of Sri Lanka

A UNESCO Heritage

8th World Wonder Candidate

Sigiriya Rock Fortress Pristine Sri Lanka

Sigiriya Rock Fortress towering 200 meters, has one of the most fascinating 360-degree views in Sri Lanka. Sigiriya is now both a UNESCO heritage site, 8th wonder of the world, a tourist attraction and an area of study.


Enormous lion’s claws, lakes, hydraulic systems, canals, dams, and fountains are a rare combination in an ancient location discovery. This selection of items would by a wild guess belong to a very modern museum designed by the world’s greatest architects. This craftsmanship, however, was achieved as early as the 3rd century BCE. Sigiriya is a derivative of the name Lion, Sīhāgiri’. An extinct volcano in the Central Province of Sri Lanka formed the outcrop of the rock thousands of years ago. Previously known as Cithranakuta, this is an ancient rock fortress for a radical King Kashyapa. This culminates in the ultimate tourist attraction site. As a tourist with an interest in history, a love of heights, architecture, ancient artifacts, engineering, Sigiriya Rock Fortress fits many hats.


The systematic layout of the water irrigation and the landscape architecture during ancient times puts modern architecture to a test. Hiking to the top of the rock is somewhat hard due to narrow paths and heavy wind. But there are safety rails and security in place. The lion’s claws at the entrance will transport you back in time. The fortress is full of the evidence of settlement around the fortress during ancient times. Sigiriya, therefore, including the interesting history, earns its place as a world wonder and a magnificent place to explore.

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