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Evidence of the existence of life 33,000 years ago

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The Pahiyangala Caves is one of the caves in Sri Lanka which provided valid evidence of the ancient humans. The cave contains valuable historical facts about life in the old days. The cave is part of a rock that is the largest in Asia. The most striking scene being the cave that is 175 feet high and 200 feet deep. While visiting the cave, you can easily be mesmerized by the size of the cave.


Besides this, you will be astonished by the fact that the entire cave is actually not accessible. The view from the cave is seductive to spending days or months at the scene marveling at the ancient settlement. This summoning effect is probably not unique to the current species of human beings, as the cave is considered to be the oldest residence of a man so far. While research is ongoing on the intricate life of the prehistorical man, the current findings are quite the spectacle.


Discovery of The Burial Site

Siran Upendra, a Sri Lankan government official, attached to the department of archaeology, discovered human burial sites. The location commonly referred to as social burial sites as opposed to the graveyard basically sites where evidence of six bodies is found. Besides the burial sites, in 1968, as Upendra proceeded on his discoveries, he found evidence of microlith stone tools, organic material, and remnants of the prehistoric fireplace. By the use of advanced research procedures such as carbon dating and consultation with international experts, evidence suggests that the existence of life 33,000 years ago. This is not the only wonder in the cave. In this very same location, experts developed an interest in the history attached. The researchers found evidence of two prehistoric lives, dating, 850 years BP of a child, and 5400 years BP of a young woman they called Kalu-Menika.

While visiting the Pahiyangala cave you will continuously wonder about the history beckoned to this pristine corner of the world. The history beckoned at the Pahiyangala cave merely is mind-blowing. The lives of prehistoric men should be an interest to all of us. Through scouting these caves we can understand the necessity or the lack of it, of urbanization.


Nevertheless, the cave ironically provides the modern man with shelter from the occasional weather changes in the mountains region. Which is also proving to be a pristine and secure location to call home. Current studies indicate the cave has a capacity of holding 3000 people. As a result, research is ongoing in the location, as the site is open for tourists and locals to marvel at its greatness.

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