Ambuluwawa Temple & Biodiversity Complex


Gampola, Sri Lanka

a protected site of More than 25 endemic species

multi-religious center

Ambuluwawa Temple & Biodiversity Complex Pristine Sri Lanka

Ambuluwawa temple and biodiversity complex is a scenic destination consist of a multi-religious center with an invaluable biodiversity complex. It is an accurate representation of diversity and; unity and also the first of its kind on the island. There is a Buddhist temple, a Hindu Shrine, a Christian chapel, and an Islamic mosque that represents peace, diversity, and unity. This symphony is perfect for the location and the country at large.

Most significant of all is the Ambuluwawa tower. Climbing this narrow and tall tower and reaching the top to enjoy the panoramic view is such a thrilling experience that no one should miss. But, it is not for the faint-hearted and children. This tower is an Instagram-famous selfie hotspot and a paradise for panoramic and scenic landscape photographers.


Ambuluwawa is also famous for the rich biodiversity it houses in Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex. More than 25 endemic species call this area home. But there’s more that makes this complex fascinating.


Ambuluwawa is a rock mountain. It’s composed of a rare Inselberg, which is least prone to erosion despite heavy rainfall throughout the year. Heavy rain helps varieties of vegetation in this area. It is an iconic treasure, the residence of Gampola and all Sri Lankans. This complex is part of Ambuluwawa ICC Forest Reservation, a protected site managed by the Forest Department of Sri Lanka. You can easily reach the complex by taking the Ambuluwawa ICC road from Gampola town.


Ambuluwawa belonged to the kingdom of the great Sinhala King Buvanekabahu IV who reigned in the 14th century, Gampola. The endeavor of constructing the Ambuluwawa temple and biodiversity complex was so great that people wrote poems to commemorate the achievement of the same. This distinct yet straightforward multi-religious center is an amalgamation of the relentlessness of Sri Lankan citizens and the ambient peaceful nation.

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