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Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2019 winner, Sri Lanka is certainly a paradise for travelers of all kinds. Ancient architectural and archeological treasures, year-around sunshine, biodiversity hotspots, elegant waterfalls, and also sun-kissed sandy beaches are attractions in Sri Lanka famous among visitors.

And also, one must experience turquoise waters of dancing blue whales, most importantly scenic train ride to the hills, and unique Sri Lankan cuisine at least once in their lifetime. UNESCO world heritage sites, vibrant culture enriched with religious values, and welcoming people are even more reasons why this island nation is loved by many.

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The Western Ghats and Sri Lanka region is one of the 36 biodiversity hotspots.

Sri Lanka is one of the earth's most
biologically diverse yet threatened terrestrial areas.

A biodiversity hotspot is a special place on earth which has at least 1500 endemic plants and has over 70% of original habitat already lost but still essential and critical for many bio-organisms. There are 36 Biodiversity hotspots around the world, covering only less than 2.4% of the earth surface. These are unique places on earth that need special attention. These hotspots are powerful scientific tools to help measure the pressure on the world’s biodiversity, which we can use to enhance species richness.

Join the most noteworthy, a growing movement of travellers around the world who are taking actions to support environmentally friendly and sustainable travel.
Follow your best travel etiquettes while you visit these beautiful attractions in Sri Lanka.

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How To Be a Responsible & Eco-Friendly Traveller

Minimise Plastic Use

Try to minimize the use of plastic as much as possible. Avoid throwing plastic bags and other products in open which takes years to degrade. Use dustbins /trash cans for proper disposal of waste.

take Only Memories Leave Only Footprints

Don't pick up "souvenirs" from natural and heritage sites. Pristine Sri Lanka is part of a biodiversity hotspot which is one of the 36 biodiversity hotspots in the world. When you are visiting any attractions in Sri Lanka always remember the importance of protecting the biodiversity.

Protect Flora and Fauna

When you visit any attractions in Sri Lanka try to avoid products that harm the local flora & fauna. Make sure your actions are not endangering the nature.

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Due to many attractions in Sri Lanka to choose from, a traveller can certainly plan a trip matching their travel interests.

We support environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism. Our mission is to promote best travel etiquettes as a directory of pristine attractions in Sri Lanka.

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